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Definition of Marriage

The definition of marriage may vary, but usually pertains to the same thing – the social contract between a man and a woman (or several women) that unites them emotionally, economically, and legally. In some countries, same-sex union is accepted and can still be considered as marriage.

Marriage is a special bond between two consenting adults. Once the couple decides to tie the knot, they are to be companions for life. This is the ideal situation but with the legality of divorce, it is very common for couples these days to turn away and head out in different directions. Centuries ago, people believed that human existence is incomplete without the spiritual, mental, and physical union of souls. Because of marriage, civilization and culture was transferred through generations thereby making the human race prosperous.

One of the most crucial aspects of the human life is marriage. It serves as the family’s foundation, which is considered as the building blocks of society. The marriage concept is almost the same throughout the world but there is a great difference in the act of solemnizing. The laws differ among countries or states, but such laws are formulated to make the ceremony legal. Even the rituals tend to vary, and will usually be influenced by the culture and religious beliefs.

Definition of Marriage

Definition of Marriage

The definition of marriage can also mean the license of two individuals to cohabitate or live together without limitations. In India, marriage is not only the legal way of uniting two individuals but it also has social significance. Customs and rituals are followed before the ceremonious occasion, as well during and after the marriage.

In comparison to the arranged marriages of long ago, marriages today are based on mutual respect, understanding, love, commitment, and trust. Some couples are able to live together for the rest of their lives, while others realize that some elements are missing in the bond. Because of this, some consequences arise from the union, both desired and unexpected. The bond can deteriorate if the couple does not respect or trust each other. It is not a surprise that divorce rates are soaring higher and higher in the recent years.

In order to understand marriage, it is vital that you look into the history, the culture or traditions, and geographical location. These factors often have a great influence on the ceremony and relationships. In marriage, kinship is created. The relationship may be sexual and intimate, and the ceremony formalizes the union. The union can also be polygamous and same-sex, and is dependent on the local laws or traditions.

A man or a woman can marry for various reasons. It can be that the two individuals are married for emotional reasons, social, legal, spiritual, religious, or economic. It is common to marry out of love, out of family obligations, arranged marriages, or for companionship. The couple must be aware that marriage involves obligations or duties, and not just rights. Depending on where you live, the marriage can be recognized by an organization, state, or even the local community or tribal group. Find out the definition of marriage before you enter into one.

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